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I don’t know how popular this new show “Eli Stone” is on abc, but it is hands down my favorite show now.   You can watch episodes online at http://dynamic.abc.go.com/streaming/landing?lid=ABCCOMGlobalMenu&lpos=FEP  The story line is there’s this quirky young attorney who has hallucinations that lead him to people who need his legal help.  He sees crazy things like George Michaels singing in his living room.  He discovers he has a brain aneurysm.  Through time his hallucinations seem to be more like visions or some type of guidance from God to help people.  The combination between comedy and storyline is so good.  I love this show and I hope it last for several seasons.  It’s one of the few shows on t.v. that I would pay to see episodes of.  LOVE IT!I don’t think I recognize the lead actor, Johnny Lee Miller but I just love him.  He is my new Jean- Luc Picard!  LOL  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001538/ The other person who I think is FABULOUS on the show is Loretta Devine!  LOVE her!  She is hysterical.  Plays his spunky secretary who speaks her mind.  Great character. So if you are looking for something entertaining to watch on tv or late at night on your computer (see past full episodes in link above) go do it.  I promise it will not disappoint you! Peace world!  LIVE BRAVE!(You’ll get that after you watch the latest episode. :)Julia 

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  1. Hi! I have been a huge fan of JLM’s for eight years now and this is my favorite show. I started watching it because of him, but I fell in love with everyone else in it, especially Victor and Loretta. Did you know he’s actually British and was Angelina Jolie’s first husband? Check out the website I listed above–it’s amazing!

    I am praying it’s renewed for a second season–no news yet.

  2. Wow had no idea he was a Brit. YOU are KIDDING about him being married to Angelina right? LOL OMG what an unlikely pair from what he is like on the show. I can’t wait to see more of him. Great actor.

  3. It’s good to see a recent blog post about the show – what a lot of recent viewers don’t know is that ABC hasn’t renewed the show yet, so those of us who have been fans for awhile have been watiting to hear about it.

    And yes, isn’t it weird that Jonny Lee Miller is a Brit? When I first started watching the show, I knew he looked familiar but it wasn’t until a jaunt over to IMDB that I figured out why. If you’ve seen Mansfield Park (the 1999 version), then you’ll know – he is the actor who plays Edmund Bertram. And yup, he was married to Angelina Jolie for almost three years! (So random.)

  4. Well let’s hope that abc makes a good decision and renews this show. I started watching it online during the writers strike. I love being able to watch things on my own time. We’ve been procrastinating on upgrading our satellite and getting a dvr and we don’t really want our toddler watching adult programs so I’m limited to the shows online I can watch after she goes to bed. I wonder why they don’t put Boston Legal full episodes online? I would love that! Fingers crossed for a second season on Eli!

    Now I’m going to have to see if I can find a photo of JLM & Angelina online. That is just unbelievable!

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