I’m learning so much by making these little dolls!  I tried to make Betsy have this extremely long body but it totally didn’t work out!  She was a flopsy Betsy.  So I stitched her waist a little smaller and put an apron around her. Perhaps I might of been more successful if I would of taken maybe something like a wooden spoon and wrapped the wool around it as a spine of sorts. I think she’s still kind of cute but I’m not crazy about the hair.  It looks a little too much like a wedding veil.  LoL  It was either this white though or a bright blue yarn that I had, so I gave this a try.

The next doll is going to be a lot smaller.   I’ve also been debating back and forth with myself about whether or not to put faces on them.  I’m afraid I might totally ruin them so I’m holding off until I’m sure.  Thoughts?

I have to say I’m getting a LOT faster at threading my sewing machine though.   If I didn’t have a bunch of housework to do and a child to entertain I would be doing this all day!  It is so much fun and such a great learning experience.

Feel free to offer me as much advice as you have.  I’m really doing this all by trial and error.  It would be nice if somebody who actually is a doll maker could give me some pointers. 🙂

Happy day to all of you!  Now go do some handwork!

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