One of my new favorite blogs…

Rhythm of the Home There are some seriously talented women in this world! Rhythm of the home is filled with inspirational crafts, recipe and sharing.  It’s one of those places you can hang out all day… if you had all day that is.   Those of us with little ones can dream though right?  The hardest part will be limiting myself to the amount of time that I spend there dreaming and wishing I had the crafting gene.  Who knows… maybe I will be able to overcome that disability and become a crafting queen?  LoL  For now I hope all of you can enjoy Rhythm of the Home as much as I have.  Oh and BTW… they are having an awesome giveaway right now so make sure you enter!   😀  I’m hoping that Kate and I win Julia Daby’s little Calliope doll!  She’s adorable!

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