Olivia is Born

I’ve been wanting to try to make a waldorf doll for a very long time.  But being extremely limited in both craftiness and sewing I would look at patterns and totally psyche myself out that it would be too hard.  But last night I just decided to try to make one without the hoopla of following a pattern.  This is what I ended up with.

I hand sewed the whole thing which took a little longer but it was good practice I think. Which of course I need a lot of! The bottom of the doll is filled with rice.  I don’t know if that was such a smart idea but it just felt nicer than putting beans in it and I wanted it to be weighted.  The arms and head I used some beautiful Eco Wool from http://www.weircrafts.com that I bought a very long time ago.  I also have all the fixings to do a real Waldorf doll from there too.  I just have been too afraid to start.  However having gotten my feet wet by creating Olivia I think maybe I might just give it a try!   The best part of the whole experience was Kate coming home from Kindergarten this afternoon and saying,  “Ohhh Mommy she’s sooo cute!  I’m going to name her Olivia.”  I was so thrilled I started doll #2 this afternoon.  Who knew it would be this much fun!  I’m learning so much too.  I just might have a new little hobby.

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