Recycled Robot Rodney

Once upon a time  there was a mommy and a little girl who needed a project while the daddy was away on a business trip.  Not just any project but a project that involved getting messy, painting, & finding a second use for common things that usually end up as trash.  Like tissue boxes, empty tp rolls, aluminum foil, caps and little odds and ends.

We had a lot of fun and it really wasn’t that messy.  It was the first time I did paper- mâché with Katie and I was surprised she didn’t really want to touch my homemade paste!  Can you imagine?

Rodney pre assembly stage

We went through the recycling and dug in the junk drawer to find things that looked interesting.

Goopy Rodney

We taped his body parts together first and then to make him a little more sturdy, and to add a little more fun to the project, we decided to make our own paste out of flour and water.  Kate loves to measure, pour, and stir so she loved that part.  She also tore all the strips of paper up.  Since she wasn’t too keen on touching the paste I just let her tell me where to put the pieces on him after she gave it a try.

Rodney chills out on top of the microwave for the evening and dries.

The next morning I tried to get Kate to just let me cover Rodney completely in foil but she REALLY wanted to paint him so… we did.  I was surprised that she was so patient with letting him dry overnight.  Not so patient the next morning about wanting to paint him as the next photo shows.  Still in her pj’s and her hair hadn’t even been combed yet.  Since it was just us girls having a slumber party we kind of chilled out a bit and didn’t get dressed until later in the afternoon.  Slumber parties are suppose to break all the rules right?

Rodney getting his first coat.

Kate chose a beautiful shade of blue.  It took a couple of coats to really cover him well.  He actually probably could of used a third coat but we were ready to start decorating him.

Rodney ready to save the planet from the evil garbage dumpster
Rodney powered up and ready to take on the wasteful!

Rodney is a work in progress.  Katie and I are collecting things that look like they would be useful tools for him and of course we’re still looking for the perfect shoes.  For now Rodney is watching over our kitchen to make sure we’re not throwing away anything he or we could use for a second time around… and on occasion many other times.

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  1. awwww….see??? THIS is the kind of stuff I remember most and most fondly. Just precious.

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