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I don’t get it.   The hoopla over this photo is amazing.  It’s art.    When I look at this photo I see innocence beauty and sweetness.   To me it’s reminiscent of Johannes Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring”.  This young woman has nothing to be ashamed of nor should she be pressured by Disney or anybody else to apologize for her beauty.  Her parents are responsible for her character and well being not the public.  Having worked with many abused children I find it amazing that there is this much interest in this girl but there are thousands of kids being abused that there is no uproar about.  There are also kids being blown to bits in Iraq. What about them?  What about the kids put into prostitution?What about starving kids all over the world?  What about the kids in foster care in America?  Why put the energy behind this photo when real abuse is happening?   I suppose it’s easier and we know how much as American’s we love our arm chair commenting.  Thus this wonderful blog world.  LOL  Ironic isn’t it.  We all have opinions and we share them here but what do we really do to change the world for the better?   I guess change begins with a thought and blogging can be a part of that so my thought is… focus on the real abuses in the world and appreciate art for art and what you as an individual get out of it.  Don’t condemn others for what they get out of it and most definitely don’t judge the subject for being.

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  1. Appears Billy Ray Cyrus was more of the driving force behind the invitation for families of US troops to take part in the filming of Hanna Montana, starring Miley. Giving the kids a chance to tape greetings to their deployed dad and mom was a pleasant gesture.

  2. Ariana Coleman

    My kids loves Hanna Montana so much that they are addicted to it. Anyway, Miley is a pretty and talented young girl.’,:

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