Stickers on fruit make me crazy!


What the heck?
What the heck?

Enough with the stickers on my fruit! Am I the only one that is extremely bothered by the amount of stickers one finds on their fruit? I can sort of handle them being on bananas because you don’t eat the peel but on an apple or pear?  What’s next each individual grape?

As we try to get healthier and more conscientious about putting less toxic food in our bodies by turning to organic produce why does it seem like the sticker craze seems to grow?  What concerns me most is what is in the glue that they stick these things onto our fruits and veggies with? Oh and while I’m at it,  what the hell is that waxy stuff that’s not only on every apple I’ve seen of late but also on citrus fruits? I tried to scrub an apple with a brillo like sponge the other day and couldn’t get that crap off but somehow I’m supposed to be able to digest it???

So please grocery stores, growers or whomever is getting as sticker happy as my two year old is… please stop putting stickers on my food. How about a brown paper bag we can write the type of fruit on? Anything but those stickers!

No Stickers Please!
No Stickers Please!

2 thoughts on “Stickers on fruit make me crazy!”

  1. Yeah, I hate those. I accidentally ate one. I washed the apple, but I wasn’t really LOOKING when I did it and apparently skimmed right over the top.

    We have “sticker wars” at our house. The kids peel them off and then try to stick them on everyone else in the family where it will hurt when you have to peel them off.

    Can you tell the kind of house I live in? All boys and men. 🙂

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