A starting point

OK somebody thought it might be a good idea for me to blog on my own site since I have so many people that read my rambling thoughts on http://www.myspace.com/definitelyjulia Not sure why people find the things I write interesting enough to read. I’m just your average semi-neurotic wife/mother/friend/daughter/aunt/grand-daughter/niece/cousin/dogMom with way too much education for what I do on any given day. Yes I still have the student loans to prove that one. So I’m going to set a goal for myself to try to blog on something at least three times a week. The topics will be as random as my thoughts. For instance I have been thinking a lot about the whole Britney Spears drama that is happening. That girl is a MESS! But what kind of pressure has she been under since she was a small child? She’s had to work and pretend her entire life and now she’s stuck in her little pretend world being chased by the scum of the earth photographers. Here’s a kid that somebody a judge or doctor or somebody needs to set some limits for her until she’s well. All these car chases to get her picture. Somebody is going to get hurt. Seriously hurt and then everybody will be saying how sad etc. etc. Anna Nicole it for a month or two on t.v. and then she’s just plain gone. Sadly there are children involved. There should be a law about chasing somebody down to photograph them. Then there’s this Adnan photographer who is disgusting beyond belief. A leach feeding on a sick little girl. DISGUSTING! This brings me back to my original thought… CELEBRITIES… why do we care so much? All they do is pretend, sing, dance… why aren’t our idols scientists, philosophers, genius inventors? What does it say about us as human beings that we worship a person’s voice over another person’s character? Just a thought. 🙂

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