Simple Bites Basket Giveaway

Posted February 10th, 2010 by Julia
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Simple Bites is now offering a fantastic gift basket giveaway in celebration of their new site. It’s focus is all about bringing families together for meals and cooking simple healthy food. Go take a look and then come back and tell me what you think. I’m really excited to read what they come up with.

The Wonderful Masterpiece, “Cranford”

Posted January 18th, 2010 by Julia
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The Ladies of Cranford *photo credit PBS website

Recently I rented a Masterpiece Classic mini series “Cranford” from Netflix and absolutely loved it.  Based on Victorian novelist, Elizabeth Gaskell’s “Wives and Daughters” about life in a small English village sometime in the 1840’s.  But even more so it is a story of true friendship between a group of amazing women.  Judi Dench is fantastic as Ms. Matty Jenkyns a spinster with a heart of gold and beloved by the entire town.  I’ve alway enjoyed her acting but I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in a role more perfect for her.  She makes you wish you could be or have a friend just like her.  I couldn’t recommend this mini series highly enough.  To sweeten things even more there are two more episodes airing right now on PBS.

“Return to Cranford” *photo credit PBS website

Return to Cranford”  You can also watch the full episodes on the PBS website.  If you’re a sap like myself and love tales of friendship, overcoming life’s challenges, love, humor, and fantastic costumes, I’m sure you will love this series as well.   If you’ve seen the series or happen to enjoy them as much as I have please leave a comment.  It’s so fun to talk with other people who enjoy Masterpiece Classics on PBS as much as I do.


Lily the bear…

Posted January 17th, 2010 by Julia
Lily peeking out of her den at the camera.

My latest obsession is watching Lily the black bear.  I believe she is the first black bear in the wild to have her own web cam this winter positioned nicely in her little den.  She is a 3 year old black research bear from the North American Bear Center (NABC) The NABC is dedicated to educating the public about bears and preserving the beautiful natural habitat of bears around the world. Through a generous donation to the NABC of a $4000 web cam, we are lucky enough to be able to experience firsthand a wild bear in their winter den.  What’s even more amazing is that she is most likely going to have cubs ANY day now!

It’s unbelievable how many people just like myself have totally fallen for this little lady.  She has over 20,000 fans on Facebook todate!  Every little movement she makes we all cheer her on in the chat room .  There are two places to watch the web cam one is through and the other is at Wild Earth TV You can also follow along on Facebook “Lily the Black Bear”  which is a fun way to interact with other fans.

Beware if you do start watching her you might not be able to stop!  I’ve read some teachers are even letting their classrooms follow along.  I’ve notice that around 9 am PST she seems to be really active.  The Facebook page actually has more info about Lily specifically than the website.  I was able to get a couple of screenshots of Lily.  One is of her empty den as she had gotten out to do what we’re not sure.  But it sounded like digging or branches kind of breaking.

Lily’s empty den. Looks far smaller than it is. 1/17/10

Then she got back into the den and pulled a lot of debris in front of the camera!  To which everybody in the chatroom groaned “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Lily!”  LoL  The last I looked it seemed as though she somehow managed to move a little of it so hurray for her we can still see.  My assumption is that when those cubs are born it’s going to need to be blocked a little more because they are born tiny and naked. There is a LOT of snow in MN right now too.  Brrrr  Luckily their mama has a very warm fur coat.

Lily after her morning stretch and pulling some debris in front of the opening

If you are, or become a Lily fan please leave a comment.   I’d love to hear from fellow Lily lovers.  😀