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Posted January 27th, 2008 by Julia
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My name is Julia and I started writing a blog just to reach out to others, make new friends and share ideas about life, fun stuff, and frustrations as well.  I am married with a beautiful little girl that was born May 2006 and joined our family through an open adoption.   I was actually there at her birth and it was an amazing experience.  We consider all of her birthfamily as our extended family and are grateful beyond words.  

I have a BA in Sociology and a MA in Counseling Psychology with and emphasis on marriage and family counseling.   I’ve worked with battered women, abused children, homeless women and children, at a community correctional facility, & other non-profit counseling agencies.  Currently I am a full time stay at home mom and I love it.  

My interests are really surrounding writing, photography, artful things, and I love the northern coast of CA.  The place I feel most complete is the Mendocino, CA area.  I’m hoping that at some point we will be able to move there permanently.  

When I met my husband, Michael he was a full time potter and made beautiful functional porcelain pottery.  Early in our marriage he taught himself how to code websites and ended up getting an amazing job at a large corp. doing web “stuff”.  His current fun thing to do on the side is:http://www.tinyfreehouse.com  Recently we were interviewed by a reporter from the NY Times about his project and I think the article is coming out August 22, 2008.  I’ll post when it does.  

My biggest struggle in life is being overweight.  So if I blog a lot about getting healthy you’ll understand why.  I’m working on this and I am not ever going to give up until I am successful!  I will do it too!  I don’t know how right at this moment, but I do know for sure that I will accomplish this and it will change my life in so many wonderful ways.  

Please leave me a comment from time to time if something I said moves you to do so.  I look forward to hearing from you.



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